Sunday, October 01, 2006

Someone Forgot to Shave at Stinson Beach

Smoked Buffalo Wings with Ranch, $8
The Sand Dollar, Stinson Beach

The Sand Dollar Bar & Grill, Stinson Beach, CA

The Sand Dollar is possibly the coziest watering hole in the Bay Area. After a day of sun and wind on the beach, you're gently nursed back to reality by the diverse camaraderie and scratch margaritas at the well-worn oak bar.

Too bad the new chef’s chicken wings are hairy. And a little rubbery. It’s a shame, because the smoker in the backyard gives these wings a truly unique flavor, and one that’s nicely complemented by a mild bbq glaze that’s got kick without trying too hard.

Apparently these wings are baked after they’re smoked. The two-step process is just enough to set the glaze without drying out the delicate meat, but doesn’t do much to crisp up the skin or melt the fatty strands inside.

If you’re like The Nibbler and are OK with floppy skin, you’re in for an interesting smoky treat. But the stray hairs, the springy touch, and the immediate need for dental floss all made Lola cry foul. “Cadaveresque”, she called them. Half of our group stopped after one wing.

Smoked Buffalo Wings at The Sand Dollar in Stinson Beach

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